Monday, 13 June 2016

My little Maggie Biscuits!

Yes my blog is Inspired by Cake.....but it has been hijack by a sweet little treat this month! While trying out some new decorating techniques on cookies, I thought there is no reason why these same techniques couldn't crossover to cakes. So stay tune for a new blog post on this exact topic, but getting back to the point of this post - My experiment this week was edible paints!

I have been hearing how amazing the Edible Paints from Sweet Sticks (Melbourne, Australia) were, so I purchased an assortment of colours and decided to have a play. As some of you know painting with Gel Colours can sometimes be a little difficult, the coverage isn't always great and they take forever to dry. Well there is now a fantastic edible paint on the market that is a dream to work with. I wanted to try out the black first because it is usually tricky to get a good cover with.

My week had been pretty busy and I hadn't had a chance to stop, so my gorgeous westie Maggie had been following me around with those big sweet eyes!!! So much said in one look and voilĂ  the inspiration for my hand painted biscuits.

I wanted to actually show you how beautiful these paints were to work with so I have made a small video.


There is a huge range of colours and they are just as fantastic to work with, I did have a play with these Gorilla Biscuits. I wanted a very artistic looking finish on these, after all if your going to the trouble of painting it should look it a little sweet canvas.....don't you think? 

If you get the chance to try some of the Edible Paints by Sweet Sticks I really recommend it after all you are now only limited by your imagination....not by your paints!

Keep your sweet inspirations creative!
Vanessa xx