Thursday, 5 May 2016

Looking for my Signature Style!

Have you all heard the saying - "Jack of all trades, Master of none"?
Well I've been doing some thinking of late and looking at my cakes, I seem to fall into that category.

Do you need to have a signature style? If you look at all the successful decorators out there it seems the answer is a great, big, HUGE yes!

Ok, so then what is a signature style? It's the look a cake has which instantly makes people think of you!

When I went back through the images of my cakes, they are all clean neat designs but I range from sugar flowers to novelty to traditional to working with royal. I love all styles of decorating, but the time has come to find my style. Something that will make me stand out from the rest.



So where does one start when trying to narrow down the field....

1. Definition equals quality. You want a clear, idea of what it is you are creating. Not a wishy-washy concept that is a little bit of everything and therefore not really anything.

2. Dig deep into what it is you love about decorating, this will not only help you refine your style, but also improve your own creative awareness and confidence.

3. I think choose the one thing about decorating that you love above all others as a starting point.

For me that is piping!!! I love the intricate designs I can create with my piping tube. How delicate the filigree shards can be and how you can do just about anything in royal. Now this doesn't mean I'm going to totally give up on other just means that piping will feature on my cakes a lot more now. Yes that's right, I'm going to be the piping girl!!!

I hope you follow the path I'm about to take with my NEW style. Even better......if you don't have a signature style, set off on your own path and start exploring! This turn in the road is something I'm very excited to start!

Keep your sweet inspirations creative!
Vanessa xx

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