Thursday, 26 May 2016

Bitten by the Bickie!

I recently took a class with Julia Day from Miss Biscuit (based in Melbourne) and yes I have been bitten by the bickie bug! These cute plain little sweet canvases that you can turn into edible treats with a few colours and some imagination, well they have stolen my heart!

I have always wanted to try decorating biscuits but with cakes taking up a good portion of my time, I have never had the chance until recently. It's true.....unless you book it in, it will never happen.

Julia was a fantastic teacher and made everything seem so easy. She showed us how to make her special biscuit recipe (this can be found on her website ) and then went through the basic techniques of piping different designs onto the biscuits.

It was the most fun I have had in ages and as each biscuit was decorated I could feel the addiction start.....they are just too darn cute!

 By the end of the day I was getting the hang of the amount of icing to place on the biscuit, how to work fast but carefully and we ended up with such a cute selection of biscuits to take home.

Now two weeks later, I have tried to recreate the bickie magic at home. My first time cooking the recipe and making the royal icing. Everything was going according to plan until I rushed colouring the icing and put too many air bubbles in the royal (note to self, DON'T rush). Although even with the air bubbles, I was still really happy with my first attempt.

Miss Biscuit is having a grand opening of their new store on Friday 27th May 2016. If you are in Melbourne pop in and see the new gorgeous premises. All the details are on her Facebook page.

Keep your sweet inspirations creative!
Vanessa xx