Monday, March 4, 2013

My Beautiful Mum Turns 65!

Everyone in my family has had a cake made from me at one time or another but I had yet to do one for my Mum. This had to be something special and beautiful just like her, she loves hydrangeas so I wanted to use them as the main idea. This is the finished cupcake tower for my Mum's 65th Birthday, I thought it was so pretty and looked just like a garden.
The cakes were Cherry Ripe Mud Cake with a vanilla buttercream, piped to give the illusion of a hydrangea.
This is a close up of the cutting cake, I also added a scattering of butterflies over the whole tower. So the verdict....she LOVED it!!! :)

Mmmmm Tia Maria!

This one was such fun to make!! I have been making cakes for this family for a couple of years and they always give me such great ideas to work with. The bottle was hand carved from a 10” square Chocolate Mud cake, then ganached and coated in a black fondant. The label was an edible image and the bottle has been brushed with an edible glaze.
To give you an idea of the size of the bottle, the board was an 18", everything is edible. I love everything about this from the colours in the jacket to the gloss on the bottle.....everything just worked, I just love when a plan comes together!!

This is a close up of my sugar Tia Maria Lady. Happy Baking!

Cupcakes for a Jedi!

This Star Wars cupcake tower was completed last December, I have let my blogging duties fall a little but I will endeavour to get back on track!!! It was a 6" Chocolate Mud covered in ganache and then fondant with White Chocolate cupcakes iced with a Vanilla Buttercream. The birthday boy loved Darth Vader so he had the special cupcake!
The Birthday boy was there when I delivered and set up the Tower, I have never seen a smile so big!!!

I was so happy with the way the Star Wars Clone Trooper cupcake toppers are turned that was a mouth full!!!! I hand cut each stencil for the grey and blue layers finally adding the detail with an edible ink pen.

Now back to updating, so you may be bombarded with posts over the next few days :)

Monday, December 17, 2012

A Classical Ivory and Pink Wedding Cupcake Tower!

This elegant Cupcake Tower was created for a very lovely couple. The cutting cake was a Cherry Ripe Mud coated in a white fondant with ivory stencilling. The cupcakes were White Chocolate Coconut and Dark Chocolate Raspberry with a Vanilla butter cream and a gorgeous lace design cupcake collar. It looked stunning in the venue.
As usual a little you might notice in to top photo I have J & E. When I arrived at the Wedding Reception everything was E & J!!!! So after a small melt down I carefully did a quick swap and thankfully everything was still pretty centred and crisis was avoided :)

The bride went to so much trouble to create this gorgeous venue, stunning roses everywhere and beautiful little gift boxes for all the guests.


Monday, December 10, 2012

A Country Style Wedding!

I took a nice little break in my Fridays work load to deliver this gorgeous two tier Wedding Cake. This is the second Friday Wedding I have had in the 3 1/2 years I have been doing orders. The top tier is a Gluten Free Chocolate Mud and the bottom tier is a Turkish Delight Mud , they were then coated in a White Chocolate Ganache with a diagonal lined finish. The whole cake was then set on a tree stump.

Just thought I'd share this beautiful country venue at Highland Heritage Estate just out of Orange. Loved the bright colourful setting.

A Wedding full of Love!

This Wedding Cake was a two tier with purple and silver hearts. Purple and silver seem to be a colour theme that is coming through a lot for next year. The flavours of the cake were White Chocolate Raspberry Swirl and Dark Chocolate Mud Cake, it just fitted in perfectly with the Reception Room.


Sunday, December 9, 2012

A Lawn Bowls Cake for an 80th Birthday!

This cute little cake was for an 80th Birthday, the cake was a Butter Cake and if you can believe it was the first Butter Cake I have had to make!! I rang a very talented baking friend and begged to have her mums recipe which she very kindly gave to me. The cake was then coated in a white chocolate ganache.

A close up of  my Lawn Bowler, getting ready for the next shot....he was hand molded from fondant and is just so cute!! I love his little knobbly knees :)
Happy Decorating xx